Lending Policy

Who may borrow:

The library will issue a free card to any individual or business renting or owning property in the Town of Newmarket. A photo I.D. and some proof of residency in Newmarket is required:  a license, lease etc. Post office boxes are not sufficient proof of residency. Please notify the Library immediately if your card is lost or stolen. There is a $2.00 replacement fee for lost cards.  Others may purchase a non-resident card for $25.00.

Library card for juveniles/young adults:

Children 6th grade through age 17 may apply for and be issued their own library card. The child's parent or guardian must have a valid library card. The application must be signed by the parent/guardian who assumes responsibility for the juvenile/young adult.

Overdue material/fines:

We have no overdue fines. We ask that all materials, which have been purchased with taxpayer's money be returned on time.  We have a donation jar at the circ disk.  If your books are overdue, please leave a donation.  Fine money is used to purchase additional books for the library.  Use of the library may be denied by the librarian for failure to return library materials.

An overdue list will be generated weekly.  Calls/automated emails will be made to all patrons with recently overdue items to try to obtain materials.  Multiple calls/automated emails will be made over 30 days if they are not returned.  If email fails or the phone number fails, a paper notice will be sent and the patron’s account will be blocked until communication is restablished.  All patrons who fail to return items after 30 days will be sent a physical bill through the mail containing all items owed, with titles, and cost of the items.  The shelves will be checked before the letter is sent. 

Loan periods

All materials have a loan period of  2 weeks, except for DVDs which have a loan period of 7 days.  Only 5 DVDs may be borrowed at one time.  Renewals can be made by phone (659-5311), in person, or online.  To renew online, please obtain a PIN# at the circulation desk.  Go to our website (newmarketlibrary.org) and follow the directions.

Book drop

We have a bookdrop available in the back parking lot of the building.

Reserving library materials

If the book you would like is not available, please a staff member to reserve it for you.  We will call and/or send you an email as soon as it is available.  You may also place a hold on materials online.

Board of Trustees:

Sandra Allen, Chairman (Town Council appointed, term expires March 2016)

4J Bass Street
Newmarket, NH  03857


Mary Ellen Mahoney, Vice Chairman (Town Council appointed, term expires March 2017)

1 Balsam Way
Newmarket, NH  03857


Lisa Zhe, Secretary/PR (Town Council appointed, term expires March 2017

1 Maplecrest Road
Newmarket, NH  03857


Rod Crepeau, Treasurer (Town Council appointed, term expires March 2016)

32 Hamel Farm Drive
Newmarket, NH 03857


Joan DeYoreo, Trustee (Town Council appointed, term expires March 2015) 

191 Bay Road
Newmarket, NH  038576


Minutes of the Trustees Meeting May 2012 Minutes of the Trustees Meeting July 2012
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